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  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Queen - Forever (Deluxe Edition)

    What a grand idea. Those four words probably uttered around a boardroom a while back, not knowing exactly how this would unfold or sound. A world tour with Adam Lambert was already planned - yes, he's a great fit to sing Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Blur - The Magic Whip

    If Damon Albarn was an actor, right? It's impressive how forgetful he can make me, as if Gorillaz never happened. What a Chameleon. I'm totally transported to good times, life in the 90s, overplaying Blur cassettes, dubbing minidiscs instead. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW - Weird Al' Yankovic - Mandatory Fun

    You'll agree it's always a treat for all of us when a new Weird Al Yankovic album arrives. The anticipation has been unreal, as is the fervent first pass of the album to check out the new tracks by quick Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Madonna - Rebel Heart

    Early signs of this album to us suggested Madonna is exhausted of new ideas. The leaks before Christmas in 2014 certainly pointed to this - the songs sounded like Lady Gaga ripoffs. Without diving into that cesspit, or the leaks, the Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Elton John - Wonderful Crazy Night

    I wonder what happened on Elton's Wonderful Crazy Night. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Billy Idol - Kings and Queens of the underground

    Welcome back Billy. This album is a refreshing listen, with plenty of throwbacks to his '80s heyday, plenty of great stories in the songs, and loads of energy - sometimes too much - but this is Billy Idol. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Mary J. Blige - The London Sessions

    When your career is feeling a little same-same, and you need to give yourself a rocket, go to where many of the worlds most acclaimed artists wrote and recorded their most ambitious and celebrated albums. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Faith No More - Sol Invictus

    There's NOTHING like getting the band back together. There's a new energy, a renewed sense of purpose. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: David Bowie - Nothing Has Changed [Deluxe Version]

    How about another David Bowie Greatest Hits album? Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Lenny Kravitz - Strut

    I get pretty excited when Lenny Kravitz releases a new album. He has a knack, an ablility, a penchant to rechurn a classic sound into something new. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Roxette - The RoxBox, A Collection of Roxette's Greatest Songs

    This is a really nice career album, and update to the previous RoxBox which took in 1986 to 2006. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Manic Street Preachers - Futurology

    Somehow this album feels a lot more comfortable than their last few. Perhaps a keen pop sensibility throughout is the key. The danger in that, is everything can feel a little to same-same. My mind does that when things are Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Simple Minds - Big Music

    What would you expect if you were asked to listen to the new Simple Minds album? Read More

    Everyone gets all excited when a new Shihad album is out. Watch them flutter! We like this band for many reasons. Lyrically demanding, we nearly always get to see them live - and they're still consistently good. I don't think they'd Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Janet Jackson - Unbreakable

    She nailed it. Hey Janet. Nice to hear you fresh, invigorated, joyous, strong! This is about as perfect a Janet Jackson album can get. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Julian Lennon - Everything Changes (2013)

    This is one album that has been on the back-burner since it's re-release last year... one that I haven't gotten around to, because, well quite frankly a new Julian Lennon album doesn't scream "must listen" to me. So much to Read More

    We have the utmost respect for the Sheffield lads, as do we for their new self titled album, DEF LEPPARD. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Bryan Adams - Tracks Of My Years

    Mr Husky dives back, in this album, to his childhood (yes, around the summer months of 1969) and covers a bunch of his favourite songs from that era, ie, the tracks of his years. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Earth Wind and Fire - Holiday

    Christmas albums are usually cringeworthy affairs. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Smashing Pumpkins - Monuments To An Elegy

    This one definitely feels like a mellon collie and the infinite sadness followup. Initially I'd heard whispers and descriptions here and there that it could just be the "junk" from those sessions, scrapped long ago. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Boyz II Men - Collide

    The sound they had as a R&B quartet was spot on perfect. There was never any overdoing it, they just rocked it. So not to have Michael McCary in the mix yet again naturally leaves a gap in the sound Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

    This one feels more appropriate for the title of the previous album, Invaders Must Die, as it feels like a soundtrack to a much uglier War of the Worlds. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Dionne Warwick - Feels So Good

    The musicianship on this album is just way too polished. Some people can sing, some people can play and when fine artists come together on an album like this, I just want a little bit of imperfection. The arrangements are Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Stevie Nicks - 24 Carat Gold - Songs from the Vault

    I heard she watched YouTube videos of herself ahead of recording this album. The songs were long written, bootlegged, dubbed and edited and I wonder what she was looking for by watching or listening to those videos. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Loverboy - Unfinished Business

    I first heard about this new Loverboy album when I learned Steve at Stuck In The 80's had an interview with Mike Reno. It's just one of those occasions that i'd missed any mention, quote, meme, or dare an official Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: Seal - 7

    You can be sure of one thing when listening to any album from Seal. Quality. Read More
  • RETRO NOW REVIEW: David Bowie - Blackstar

    David Bowie was the spellbinding master of the musical dark arts. Read More
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