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  • Jul 29

    Blur fans will soon be treated to a 1995 concert by the band filmed in Japan and previously available in Japan. The new edition has been remastered at London’s Abbey Road and includes hits of the time, Girls and Boys, Country House and Parklife. Two other hits that were performed remain omitted for some reason. […]

  • Jul 20

    Paul McCartney has released five of his classic LPs as iPad apps. You can now get Band on the Run, RAM, McCartney, McCartney II and Wings Over America in Apple’s App Store each priced at $7.00 and bundled with remastered audio, interviews, videos, documentaries and rehearsal footage plus album and single artwork and photos.

  • Jul 20

    Fatboy Slim has said that Simon Cowell’s plans for an ‘X Factor for DJs’ failed because figures within the dance music industry told him to “fuck off”. The show was due to be titled Ultimate DJ and have a similar format to The X Factor, with DJs battling it out to secure fame and fortune. […]

  • Jul 20

    In a recent interview, R.Kelly has openly revealed he has at least 8 albums finished and ready for release. Interestingly, they are not all R&B albums like we’ve become accustomed to. He has a new Christmas album, a Country music album and 57 unreleased chapters to his Trapped In The Closet series, and he has […]

  • Jul 20

    David Bowie has made a statement at a charity event, indicating that new music may be coming in the near future. During the event, a note was passed to the speaker who read the following to the crowd: “This city is even better than the one you were in last year, so remember to dance, […]

  • Jul 20

    Smashing Pumpkins is upgrading the 1998 album Adore. The Adore Super Deluxe Package will include 107 tracks over six-CDs/one-DVD, featuring unreleased songs, outtakes, demos, the lot, including a… mono version of the album. Adore was the Smashing Pumpkins’ fourth studio album and the followup to their hugely successful Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. The […]

  • Jul 20

    Clem Burke of Blondie says it may be all over soon for the band. Speculating on the future he says that Debbie Harry has hinted the current tour may be the last. Being the oldest may mean that should she wish to call it a day, it would likely mean the end of the band […]

  • Jul 20

    Arthur Baker, known to many 80s fans as the producer of the infamous “Planet Rock”, recently discovered a lost song from 35 years ago, and with the help of some modern producers, the song called “No Price” has been finished. Not released as Arthur Baker, but under the moniker Slam Dunk’d, the song is marking […]

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